Kalabrone Mini Shelf Support

KALABRONE MINI shelf support for free-standing shelves. It is suitable for shelves from 5 to 10mm thick.

Its solid structure guarantees a capacity loading of 6 Kg, including the weight of the glass shelf, for each support with a shelf 150mm deep. KALABRONE MINI comes with a vertical adjustment through the oval hole positioned on the upper bracket. The soft element made of engineering plastic positioned on the upper and the lower bracket guarantees a perfect adhesion to the shelf, thus avoiding that the shelf is accidentally removed. Available in three different colors.
SKU Name Finish W
Maximum Load Capacity Unit Price Qty Stock
208013 Shelf Support 'Kalabrone Mini' Stainless Steel Effect Stainless Steel Effect 26,5 28,5+5,5 27,5 6 kg/pcs 1 Piece

124 in stock
208011 Shelf Support 'Kalabrone Mini' Alu Look Silver 26,5 28,5+5,5 27,5 6 kg/pcs 1 Piece

101 in stock
208012 Shelf Support 'Kalabrone Mini' Polished Chrome Polished Chrome 26,5 28,5+5,5 27,5 6 kg/pcs 1 Piece

113 in stock